Kaia FIT Fernley: Coleen McManus

Hi my name is Coleen. I work full time, i am married to a man i have been with for six years,and i have a two year old little girl. When i had my daughter I was 241 pounds… I dropped 50 pounds on prior to starting kaia. I had hit a platue and i was struggling to get out. I used to be extremely active from playing softball and competitively swimming but when i met my husband i got lazy and gained 50 pounds. Since i joined kaia 5 weeks ago i have lost 15 pounds making my total loss 70 pounds.. I still have 40 to lose. At kaia i have found a support group i have never had it motivates me to eat right and get up off the coach. The day i saw the ad for kaia on facebook i was showing signs of being diabetic and now i no longer have any symptoms.. i have been able to give my daughter healthy choices and i was able to do my first five k with her on my shoulders.. My first fit test i couldn’t even do a sit up and only half way done i did 24 and beat my mile by a whole minute.. For anyone thinking about joining they should get off the couch stick with it and make friends because it helps the change stick if you have people who support a healthy you. I found a workout that challenges me and is quick.

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