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My name is Rita Blackowl, I am 38 years old, & I joined Kaia Fit Fernley a year ago Spring of 2015. I have been battling kidney failure and congestive heart failure for almost 11 years, & been on hemodialysis for 8 years. After I got sick, when I walked into my first day of dialysis I weighed 312 pounds. Over the years I tried many, MANY diets, fads, bought videos, expensive equipment, that's been turned into great clothes hangers, aquasize, walking. I kept getting invites to come try Kaia fit class in Fernley from Lindsey Kreller. So finally my daughter (16 y.o.) and I decided to give it a whirl. I had lost enough weight on my own over 6 years to be "considered" for the kidney transplant list, but I wanted to be "on" the transplant list so I thought why not. Our very first session happened to be a Brik session, that was one tough puppy but we hung in there. When I first weighed in I was at 111.6 kilos. I needed to reach 107 kilos to be considered for the list. I reached my goal of 107 kilos by the very last day of that 1st Brik session! I had lost a total of 4.6 kilos in 6 weeks, that's 10.12 pounds! It was a tough one, as I was on nocturnal dialysis and ran on the dialysis machine 6 hours a night. Sometimes I got off dialysis at 3 or 4 am, got home about 5-ish, rested and made it to 9am Kaia fit class. The support and encouragement not only from my daughter but the wonderful women coaching and in class was unbelievable, always made the highlights of my very day. I was so proud of myself and my daughter that we stuck with it and kept going. On my 2nd Brik session, my daughter went away to High school in Oklahoma, and that was very hard, but Kaia helped me focus and keep on pushing myself to be my very best, for me and her. And that 2nd Brik Session I WON Kaia Queen!!! I was never so proud as I was that day of myself! I didn't compete with anyone and just did the best I could do. I really loved the different levels, and there was truly a level for everyone. I loved trying to push myself for that next level move. Each time I reached it that was a major mini victory inside me! I am so lucky to have met such wonderful inspiring women in each class, I wish I could attend every class to see every day all the friends and sisters I've made through Kaia. I became "active" on the Kidney Transplant List in June 2015. My doctors and nurses at Dialysis and the Transplant Center continued to be so proud of my weight loss success and to see such a transformation in my body, numbers, and labs. And most importantly I love to share I DO NOT have Congestive Heart Failure anymore, and as long as I keep being healthy and keep the weight off I can keep it out of my life. I didn't even know u can get rid of congestive heart failure. I almost forgot I also WON the winter Warrior Challenge and won over $100 bucks for losing the most weight over the holiday season! (It wasn't easy lol)!!!

Since my 1st day of walking through the Kaia Fit Fernley doors, I have lost a total of 14 kilos, that's 30.8 pounds. I have never felt so strong, healthy, and happy inside and out. I used to say in over 10 years, but honestly I don't think ever, I feel even better than I did in high school and college! I sure had had a hard time sticking to my dialysis kidney friendly diet, but when we got our 1st Kaia cookbook, we were hooked on finding, trying and falling in love with all the different foods we'd never tried before. Those pounds melted off so fast it was unbelievable. I am so proud to have surpassed all the goals set for me by my doctors, nurses & mostly myself. I recently received my Kidney Transplant just last Sunday April 3rd!!! I have received this blessing of a new chance at life, & have no intention of wasting one moment of it! I was anticipated to be in the hospital for at least 2 weeks following transplant. I was discharged on April 7th, because my new kidney was working great, labs were excellent, but also my mobility was excellent! They had me walking 4 hours after receiving my transplant, and at least 4 or more times a day each day, I was able to pull myself up and adjust accordingly💪 and be able to sit and stand without use or strain of my abdominal muscles. I definitely credit all those crazy wall sits, squats, TRX, HB exercises, & core workouts we did. My surgeons and doctors said the healthier a person is going into surgery gives that person a greater advantage of advanced faster healing time. I'd love to share that the support, encouraging words, and prayers have not once stopped since the day I shared the great news of my New Kidney, my new blessing of life🌱!!!! I am very proud to call these ladies my Kaia Sisters🌼. I wish I could get every woman I know to join Kaia Fit to experience the positivity and support I never knew I needed so much in my life. Kaia Fit is not a diet or a fad, it's a healthy lifestyle, and it's one that I will utilize and follow for the rest of my life, no matter where life takes me, or what it holds in store for me.
🌸🌺I love my KAIA TRIBE🌺🌸

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