Kaia FIT Winnemucca, NV: Holly Lyon

Kaia FIT Winnemucca, NV: Holly Lyon

Sometimes, there comes a day where you are tired of where you are at in life. Perhaps you are busy with small children running around and maybe you just survived a nasty divorce and you are trying to rebuild yourself. Perhaps you work full-time and you need an outlet for all of that stress and anxiety. Perhaps you woke up this morning and looked in the mirror and said, “What happened to me?” and you realize you have to make a change.

Could you imagine an opportunity that would allow you to grow in ways you never thought possible and to take back your life? Would you take that chance to make a change in your life? Would you want to build friendships with women who are all going through something and they want to be the best person they can be? Would you push yourself to the brink and then jump in order to find that woman that you know you are capable of becoming?

I was there. I was broken, angry, disappointed and so far from the woman that I wanted to be and the woman that I knew I was capable of becoming. I have been dealing with a mid-life crisis in a sense at the age of 26. I left a career that I have spent years trying to build and I walked away from it because I was no longer happy and it was killing me. I have a mess of a divorce that is still not finished. I have two little boys that I am trying to be strong for during all of this and I lost my Momma two years ago to breast cancer at her tender age of 49. I was reeling with trying to find my once vivacious, outgoing, loving, strong and tough self that I had gone out into the world with eight years ago when I left Winnemucca.

My prior work brought me back out here about eight months ago and I realized the sense of freedom I felt, the simple and quiet beauty of coming down Golconda Summit and looking down on that beautiful open space that spread for miles and miles and I rekindled friendships with people who I grew up with. I didn’t know how to find the peace and the happiness that I so desperately craved. I have built a relationship with God since my Momma passed and have worked very hard to maintain certain ways of living and have tried to be strong for my boys even when I didn’t feel strong at all.

I was an athlete in high school and loved playing sports and especially loved my paintball club. I was accustomed to running all over and working hard and being able to do things for myself. I haven’t been able to do that for myself in years, it has merely been survival and trying to stay afloat instead of actually being able to maintain some sense of control and confidence in the life that I had. My family friend, Lori Timko, and I found each other in a moment that I will refer to as a “God moment” because there is really no explanation for me ending up on her doorstep. She invited me and practically dragged me to KAIA and there I found the other part of my transformation. I pushed myself to the brink and often almost to tears. I was so determined to find myself and gain the strength and confidence back that the divorce, the death of my Momma and so many other things had caused me to lose sight of. I would do double days and go workout and go for a hike or go for a walk and in that peace and quiet, I was able to reflect on what I needed in my life and what I wanted in order to move forward with my life. I admit, I finally cried on those hikes and those long walks while I sorted through my emotions and the pain of losing my Momma so young. I developed an even stronger bond with God in those countless hours of work to rebuild my life.

I found new strength in the relationships I have built with my Koaches, with the new friendships I have formed, and with the new people I have met who, like me, want to take their lives back. I have gained physical strength that has turned into emotional strength and into a confidence that I haven’t had in years. I see a physical difference in the muscle tone in my body and the way it feels after I have pushed it to the brink and it dares me to push harder. I accept that challenge each and every day now. I realize now that God brought me home to find myself here in little old Winnemucca and it’s where I call home and where I am meant to be. Things are easier to handle because I have the support system of my KAIA family and people who have become closer to me than I have let anyone in years. I can handle things becoming chaotic because I have a confidence that indeed, things will be okay because God doesn’t give you anything that you can’t handle.

We had a wall sit competition at KAIA a few weeks ago and I didn’t believe I could go for more than a minute and next thing you know, I was at over seven minutes when my body was shaking so bad I couldn’t stop it and had to stand up. During that competition, I kept focusing on the journey and not on the pain, I kept telling myself, you can go a little further and kept pushing myself until one by one, women were standing up and I kept pushing until I had to give in when my muscles started locking up. I developed a mental toughness and strength to deal with so many issues I have had building up over the years and I talked through it with people now that I will have to off if we are ever not friends. Just kidding guys, really.

This last few months and this Brik session has helped me find that woman that I always knew I was capable of becoming. It’s not the end result that matters, it is the journey to get there, the lessons you learn, the ways you change and the difference you seek to be in the world. My journey hasn’t ended yet because I will continually need to work on ways that I can be a better, kinder, stronger, woman, mother, sister, friend and partner. I have learned and grown so much and I wanted to show some appreciation for an amazing journey so far and thank an incredible woman, Lori Timko, that has helped me in ways that I can never repay her for.

So many people give excuses about why their lives are the way they are, don’t you want to be different and seize the opportunity to take your life back? Do you want to prove to yourself that you are a FIGHTER and not a pansy? Do you want to gain mental, physical and emotional strength and perhaps learn more about yourself along the way? If so, you need to join myself and so many women who are on the KAIA journey, this isn’t some fad, you are making the choice to take your life back and building a foundation for a future that perhaps you have only dreamed of.

Megan and your Kaia family! Thank you to our Kaia girl (5 a.m.), Kylen, for sharing this beautiful story!!

‘I am sure that my weight loss story reads like a lot of women. Simply put- I had been tired of being overweight for a long time. I would put my heart and soul into everything I tried for about two weeks. Then I would put the weight I lost back on, plus another twenty pounds. And that is how I got to be well over 200 pounds. One night I had enough. I was tired of living in my body, and honestly I wasn’t doing much living at all. Whether I wanted to admit it or not my weight was holding me back from a lot. I decided I wanted to be fit by my 25th birthday. That year, I worked hard with a trainer at a local gym. And I lost 50 pounds. But then summer rolled around, I sort of fell off the band wagon and before I knew it I was fifteen pounds heavier. After all my hard work! I could not believe how easy it was to break the cycle I had put the better part of my year into.

And that’s when I finally decided to listen to my ‘crazy’ friend Leslie who kept going on and on about this amazing Kaia boot camp. I could not imagine waking up that early. I remember asking her about ten times if she REALLY woke up at 4 am. But I also saw the changes in Leslie. How happy she was, how toned she had become. She was a walking advertisement to join. So I finally did.

Walking in that first morning I was completely surprised by how welcoming and lovely everyone was. I never felt judged. I felt constantly encouraged. I left that workout and knew I was addicted. I’ve done three FIT sessions now, and I did my first BRIK this winter and that’s when I really started to see a difference. By the end of BRIK, I had lost about three inches EVERYWHERE, and a total of 18 pounds. I had been stuck forever at the same weight, totally in a plateau, and Kaia changed that for me.

Kaia has changed EVERYTHING for me. I used to not look in the mirror- now I do. I used to tell myself I can’t- now I tell myself I can. I’ve done things I never thought I could, like participate in two 5ks, hold a Kaia level plank, and probably, most importantly, love myself. None of this would have really been possible without Kaia. Kaia changed the way I eat, changed the way I work out, and changed the way I saw myself. I’ve dropped about 70 pounds now, four pants sizes, and two shirt sizes. I can shop at regular department stores now. I haven’t been able to do that since I was in high school (trust me- that was a LONG time ago). In fact, I called my mom practically in tears last week from an H&M dressing room because things fit!

In a few weeks’ time, I am leaving for Portland, Oregon to go to school. Something I probably never would have had the guts to do in my old body. It represents a huge step for me in my life- but I remember after joining Kaia I almost wish I had not applied at all, because I didn’t want to leave my newfound family, the women that gave me the chance to discover I could, and I can. I know with the tools Kaia has given me, I can keep myself in shape. I’m not scared. But I will miss waking up at the crack of dawn to hang out with a ton of beautiful women who can kick my ass- who wouldn’t miss that? Thank you so much to all my Kaia sisters. To really feel like a Kaia girl has been the best gift ever.’

Kylen, you are truly an inspiration and you will be missed at Kaia! Good luck and come visit us!!!

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